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Rich here, looking for a new home

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Hey guys, for those who don't know me, my name is Rich and I am an ex-fi leader on runescape.


I stepped down in 2014 as leader and left the clan in capable hands, but since my return to Runescape over the past two weeks I have noticed that the once honorable clan I knew has changed.


All I see from them nowadays is flaming clans seemingly without being able to back it up ingame. I even found out yesterday that one of the Fi ranks hacked an EoP legend, which seemed like an incredibly cauliflower thing to do considering we all know what EoP is capable of.


I have not spoken to Fi ranks about this yet, but effectively immediately I will be stepping down and looking for a better clan to join now that i have some spare time irl. I do not wish to be in a clan that participates in the above behavior or, judging by Fi's current memberbase, is full of rejects of other clans or people with mental deficiencies.

Well considering we just 3-0'd your old clan and we have a lot of hype and momentum i'd suggest you check out Doom, we'd love to have ya :)!

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