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Looking for F2P Based clan

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All MPCs are primarily F2P based, your account account is good for MPC and HPC although you'll be up against a lot of 30+ def in the HPC scene.


Best off seeing what community you like the look of, here's some options to consider.


Ruin = Clan-ru.com (Come post an introduction)

Rage = Clan-Rage.com

OP = Olympus-rs.com

CD = critical-damage.org

AAO = AAO-rs.com

Apex = clan-apex.net

Imperial = imperial-rs.net


(join ruin btw)


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title, not into p2p. 




ex mm/foe


edit: not sure why it doesnt show my pic



75 atk, 95 str, 21 def, 91 range, 70 pray, 94 mage, 92 hp

Sadly, you dont meet our def reqs. :( its okay though maybe try some of the hpcs 

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