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The Ground Rules & Guidelines

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The Grand Rules

'The Grand Rules' apply to all that are using this community. If necessary, sections may have Sub-Section Rules - labelled as [SSR], which only applies to that specific section. The Grand Rules & Guidelines MUST be followed. The rules are a subject to change and will be modified from time to time.


Ignoring, abusing or failing to heed our rules and warnings will lead to further or critical punishments. Attempting to use ambiguity or plain ignorance as an excuse will not help unfortunately.


1. Spamming

2. Flaming & Banter

3. Trolling

4. Leaking

5. Security & Privacy

6. Miscellaneous

7. Points System


1. Spamming

We do not like silencing activity but pointless flooding of threads, status updates or any other area is unacceptable. Staff may also check your warn-history for any previous spam warnings.


  • Relevant & does not break any other rule. Examples:
    • In an aftermath topic: 'why post a losing topic?'
    • In a banter/discussion topic: 'you're so salty'
  • If it is the person's only activity. Expanded:
    • Non-repeated bumping to topics or if it is their ONLY reply is acceptable, however continuous replies like 'we win' 'congrats us' is unacceptable


  • Irrelevant activity. Examples:
    • In a graphics showcase topic: 'this clan is dead'
    • In a wilderness aftermath topic: 'prep us'
    • If you want to banter, do so by opening a topic in the right area
  • Short & continuous or repeated. Examples:
    • In an several aftermath topics: 'ded clan'
    • In own aftermath topic: 'we win' 10x times


2. Flaming & Banter

As a competition based community, we understand the need to outlet passionate outrage and tantrums. We just want them to be leveled. We will intervene when the severity is simply unacceptable, especially derogatory. A collectively agreed definition of flaming or toxicity is as follows:

Content that promotes discrimination or disparages or humiliates an individual on the basis of the individual's or group's race, ethnicity, or ethnic origin, nationality, religion, disability, age, veteran status, sexual orientation, gender identity, or other characteristic associated with systematic discrimination or marginalization.

Toxicity & Flame


  • Flaming against a clan as a whole is acceptable. But they have to be in the appropriate area in the appropriate context. Examples:
    • In a banter topic: 'you pull X and still loose, garbage clan'
    • In an aftermath topic: 'wack ass clan, wack ass aftermath'


  • Personally directed flaming is NOT tolerated, unless they are in a 'BANTER' topic (Banter guidelines are below this section). Examples:
    • In an aftermath topic: 'Person A looks like a pig'
    • In an announcemen topic: 'Person A is a moron'
  • Inhumane flaming is NOT tolerated anywhere, regardless of the case. Expanded & Examples:
    • Inhumane toxicity refers to flaming at very high levels which is unnecessary and simply wrong such as but not limited to homophobia, sexism, racism, etc. including surrounding boundaries and words, including sensitive areas like massacres, genocides etc. Insults containing real-life information or cues are also considered high-level toxicty.
      • In an aftermath topic: 'your religion is crap'
      • In a banter topic: 'you're a ugly brown whore'
      • In a banter topic: 'your high council is a dumb dropout'
      • In a status update: 'atleast my leader doesnt wear a purse'
  • Insulting a staff member is NOT tolerated anywhere; Overseer, Counselor, Mediator, Gatekeeper, Retired and Senior Designer. If you want to report a staff, please do so in the right area. We voluntarily work for the community, please show us respect. Examples:
    • In an announcement topic: 'Staff A is an imbecile'


  • Generic flameless-banter is always accepted and encouraged around the forums but depends on the content.
  • If the topic has the following prefix fZYy6Za.png you can do everything BUT the following:
    • No inhumane content or flaming
    • Spamming
    • Threatening
  • We expect clans and individuals to create banter topics if they wish to let out steam or share a banter-like news but we expect civil behaviour


3. Trolling

If we identify you as a troll, your next accounts will also be held to the same standard and you will be permanently banned until you appeal. Accounts identified as trolls will be permanently banned.


We are perfectly fine with random names. However, we do not allow with random troll-like posting or spamming around the forums. This includes creating accounts just to flame a clan all-around the forums.


Attempting to post serious content such as but not limited to declarations, whilst pretending to be a clan rank when you are not will be treated as a troll account.


4. Leaking

Remember that this game or the community should ever be taken to such an unnecessary and pointless level. We do not want to see any individual's in real life information posted on our website.

Stories and facts spread quickly around the community and so taking ambiguity as an excuse is not acceptable. We will know if what you post is someone's IRL. Social cues about an individual is not acceptable either. We recommend staying away from any actvity that relates to IRL.

Clan boards & audios

Clan-related leaking such as leaderboards and teamspeak audios are acceptable, but they have to be cleaned out of any content that breaks our other rules. Failure to do so will result in the appropriate punishment. Examples of what MUST be cut/removed:

  • During the audio: '[real name] did this'
  • Picture of leaderboards: 'this guy's pic lol [real-life picture]'

Personal Information

Leaking personal information of any individual will result in a permanent ban. Examples:

  • IP addresses
  • Email accounts
  • Addresss
  • Photographs


5. Security & Privacy

We want to assure your security and privacy, and have several methods to do so:

Your are completely safe as you are given a random but unique IP address

Your personal details are as visible as you set them

We have several authenticator methods to assure second-level securities

Community Security & Abuse

With that being said, bugs and problems can arise, and we expect you to report them immediately.

  • Abusing a bug will lead to a definite punishment, which will depend on the action
  • Attempting to hack an account


  • Attempting to share private information from Sharkbrew or a member will lead to a definite punishment, which will depend on the action



6. Miscellaneous

Shocking, Disturbing and Offensive Content

  • We do not allow for shocking, disturbing and offensive content on Sharkbrew. This includes but is not limited to posts, status updates and profile pictures. Examples:
  • Gore, pornographic, flash (seizure inducing), nudity, obscure and sensitive materials such as genocide pictures.


We do not take kindly to threats to our community or any members. They will be punished immediately without hesitation. Examples:

  • In an aftermath topic: 'next prep you should change your ip' (threatening to DDoS attack)
  • In a banter topic: 'pm me for his school name' (threatening to DOX or release his private information)


Additionally, we will take action on those who consistently try to gain the attention of members by abusing any notification functions of Sharkbrew.

Contact any mod to report any incident and we will act accordingly.

Failure To Heed Warnings

If you have already been warned for breaking a rule and are warned again for the same rule within two weeks proximity, the punishment is doubled. The punishment point is capped at 2, and does not stack.


7. Points System

Here at Sharkbrew, we expect good behaviour. If you fail to follow the rules and guidelines, you will be punished with warnings.

Points & Suspension Times

With each warning, the penalty will be increased until you become permanently banned.

  • 1st: 1 hour
  • 2nd: 8 hours
  • 3rd: 16 hours
  • 4th: 36 hours
  • 5th: Permanent Ban


If you feel you were warned incorrectly, please make an appeal topic. If you have made an inside joke about an someone and were punished you can always get the targetted person to verify the joke with a staff member. However:

  • If you attempted to attack, hack or ddos Sharkbrew or release someone's IRL/personal information, the ban is permanent unless the staff team decides otherwise.

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