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main Evil Community - 100+ Combat PvM/PvP

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Welcome to Evil's Recruitment Thread

PVP+PVM Community! 100+ Combat to join! Please join our discord for more information as we are not officially opened yet .

If you are interested in participating in PvM activities such as Raids, God Wars Dungeon, Corp Beast, King Black Dragon, Callisto, etc or PvP activities such as Clan Wars Arena, PKing Deep Wilderness (Singles), PvP Worlds, or Skull Tricking do not hesitate to join us today !



Clan Information:

Clan Chat: EVIL-RS NET
Discord Link: https://discord.gg/NZveN7e
Website: https://www.evil-rs.net/


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4 hours ago, Cripzy said:

Goodluck fellas!


4 hours ago, Meet Them With Scims said:



4 hours ago, Break said:

Looks nice, glad to see the zerk scene getting bigger. Gl out there


3 hours ago, Nutt loc said:



3 hours ago, knox said:

I could step up and fill a bigger role


3 hours ago, Tyendinaga said:



3 hours ago, Ir0ny said:

Gl Evil


3 hours ago, Worldathlete said:

gl with the recruitment!


23 minutes ago, cactus said:


appreciate it fellas !

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