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Dispute & Reporting Guidelines

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First of all, if you have undergone a poor trade with a service you found on Sharkbrew we are deeply sorry.

We fully commit to solving disputes and scam reports to assure that trading on Sharkbrew goes smoothly. If we can resolve your dispute sucessfully it means that the person being reported has no chance to scam others as well. We do expect you to be professional and to abide by the Grand Rules as well. Remember that this area is public - which means other users can submit their view and evidence (if they have any) as well.

You can report someone or dispute a trade if any one of the following criteria is met:

  • The service provider was paid but refuses to work and/or was paid but failed to communicate whilst also exceededing the deadline.
  • The service provider refuses to commit changes to the work when asked.
  • The service provider is attempting to increase prices even though a total price was agreed to before the work began/finished.
  • The buyer has recieved the work and was satisfied, but now refuses to pay for the service.
  • The buyer has recieved the work and was satisfied, but has committed a chargeback on the payment.
  • The buyer has purposefully or questionably wasted the time of the service provider - processing is relative to the case.

To report someone, you must have ALL of the following necessities:

  • Full logs of communication, sound recordings and/or evidential images with the buyer or seller, regarding the service at hand.
  • Any contact details and/or methods to the buyer or seller. You can also provide any negative history of the buyer or seller.
  • Evidence of breaking one or more of the criterias outlined above.

If these criterias and necessities apply to your case, please scroll down and use the format to create a new report thread. We will do our best to solve this matter as soon as possible.

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What is the name of the buyer or seller you are reporting?

Provide a link to their Sharkbrew profile page.

In a short sum, please outline what has happened or why you are reporting?

Please provide logs and evidences for your report. Please structure them properly e.g. images into an Imgur album, chat logs into a Pastebin thread etc.

Any additional comments or notes for us to take into consideration?


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