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Lethal Bulls

clan wars Bad Timing f2p prep Vs Envy (2-1)

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badtimingts.teamspeak3.com / http://badtiming-rs.com/forums


We got approached by Envy this afternoon asking us for a 30v30 min f2p prep later in the evening.

As soon as it was prep time we quickly massed up 36 Apes ready to stay undefeated. After a 40v40 prep win vs ascent last Sunday. 

Sadly envy couldn't pull 30 for some reason so we were nice people and sat 10+ members to come out with a victorious win staying undefeated.

R1 (Defending): starting 22- ending 7

r2: Lost

r3: starting 22- ending 7

Goodfight looking for more

Who is next to try to take our belt.




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