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Old Nox

clan wars Apex vs FOE | 60v60 P2P Prep 3-0 | June 27th 2018

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Today Apex massed up 66 hungry sharks for a P2P Prep vs FOE. The fight concluded with us dominating all three rounds for a 3-0. Thanks for the prep Final Ownage Elite!



Round 1: WIN

Apex Starting: 55

FOE Starting: 55

Apex Ending: 40

FOE Ending: 0


Round 2: WIN

Apex Starting: 57

FOE Starting: 57

Apex Ending: 39

FOE Ending: 0


Round 3: WIN

Apex Starting: 51

FOE Starting: 51

Apex Ending: 22

FOE Ending: 0




Nranges POV

Logic POV

Whisky POV

Jeyes POV

Matched POV

Mewho/Deziqn POV



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Apex always humble in victory and defeat, lots of respect. Congrats on solidifying #1 P2P (slightly ahead of EoP), not that any1 doubted you (except fo (haha)).

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Know your fucking place lmfao. Your Warlord just left you for Fatality, see you this weekend you bunch of pussies hahahaha

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