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F2P Teleblock/Defensive Teleblock scroll

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What is the problem?

Voting system precludes any sort of vanilla F2P TB being included in game. Any suggestions must placate the concerns of the Non Pking community

How does it affect clanning?


Additional effects and notes

Increases wilderness activity across the board



F2P Teleblock Spell

F2P teleblock spell, usable at 85 magic

Defensive Teleblock Scroll

A consumable scroll is usable in F2P and P2P that are dropped by F2P & P2P Revs that confers the following benefits to the bearer:

  • Provides **immunity** for non skulled bearers for 15 seconds
    • This immunity is determined by the following:
      • If user is risking <75k in P2P or <15k in Free To Play, complete immunity
      • Increases defense against successful teleblock cast by 20%(?)
  • Is consumed each time a successful TB is cast on the bearer





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1 hour ago, Lionel said:

People who dont even pk ruin the pking updates

Worst part is, Jagex acknowledges this but still does nothing about it. It's simple, implement the changes without a poll. They're not game-breaking or have anything to do with game integrity, it's literally just PK'ing updates. None of which affects 75% of the community because they're so butthurt & against it.

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It'll never happen unfortunately, the pure community is a small minority and the other side is anti pure so they're going to vote seeing this will only benefit pure clanning and pking.

Jagex won't do anything without a poll even if it's something as small as this idea which will literally not have any impact of other aspects of the game.

If it went to poll it would be voted no.

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