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Team Paradox is an Old School RuneScape clan that aims to offer a truly enjoyable experience for members who are interested in not only PvM, but a wide variety of other game activities. With raids just on the horizon, we've never been more active and ready. The clan was established on the principle of offering an active community for like minded players from all over the globe. Team Paradox currently nearly 250 active members in countries around the world. We strive to offer a fun, enjoyable community to kill things and make bankloot!

Events are hosted by ranks as much as possible, and members are also welcome to host their own PvM events. Some of the events that are being held on a regular basis right now are monthly loot challenges, weekly Corporeal Beast, Godwars trips & masses, PKing trips, and tons more! Our ranking system is comprised of PvM points; gained through drops, GWD tanking, and also gear/stat requirements.

We host a safe discord server, and have established a well formatted rank structure in order to maintain the experience we aim to offer to our members. Applications are taken via our website, where we have a plethora of guides, active Goals & Achievements section, boss logs, fitness section and more! We also highly urge members to idle in discord, even if just to listen.













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