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main Renegades defeats Clan Europe [F2P 40v40 ft50]

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We got paired up with Clan Europeans for our 40v40 Sharkbrew fight. The rounds were fairly close overall, but we managed to pull off the dub and advance to the finals in the Sharkbrew tourny F2P 40v40 run in. Good fight Europe today was a lot of fun.



Round 1:

50-50 lost by 1tick

Round 2:




Round 3:


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On 8/22/2018 at 11:38 AM, Aysix said:

how do i join a main team that does f2p cwa

If you join our discord, you can either pm one of the officials on and join seals who does F2P, or ask in the public chat in there for Clan Europe's discord. Those would be the best options for you IMO.

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