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main Adrenaline #1 Warring Clan

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Adrenaline is an RSB (maxed gear CWA) clan founded in late 2016 by a small group of long term, well known pre-eoc RSBers.
Since our opening, we have been widely regarded as the #1 RSB clan and are home to some of the most talented warrers in the scene.
RSB warring is similar to pure mini warring in the way of small scale fights, tactics, length and sometimes gear restrictions. 

We expect newer members to be open to advice and it is mandatory to record your perspective of wars and actively use your mic to communicate. 

In Adrenaline we do both restricted and uncapped gear wars, the requirements for both are outlined below. Owning all restricted gear is the bare minimum for Adrenaline.

Rigour and Augury
Arcane (not required if you have an ely)
Armadyl armour
Barrows gloves
Fire cape/Infernal cape
Ava's assembler
Zamorakian hasta
Toxic staff of the dead
Rune pouch
Serp helm
Imbued ring of suffering
Mage Arena II complete

Restricted Gear | Max Gear


Ranged tanks
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5 hours ago, Ranger said:

4-6est any day of the week, usually weekends

Time zones make it difficult for me during the week, but weekends I should be able to attend

3 hours ago, Moni said:

me n rob joined come through

I'll see what I can do, I work full-time now but i'll see if i can squeeze it in

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