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Alan Rickman

main JaJa l 120+ Combat l Main Clan

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Website: https://jaja-rs.com/community/
Discord: https://discord.gg/5WqG65Q
JaJa is main clan dating back to pre-eoc. It's very much a banter clan and we all enjoy having a laugh. If you're looking for an active, friendly and dedicated clan we're the right choice for you.
JaJa is the #1 undisputed rag clan, we fear no clan.


120+ Combat
94+ Mage
90+ Range
85+ Prayer Recommended

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I'm about 2+ Months in from grinding osrs currently 114cb, Interested in trying out the Multi pking/clan scene was mainly a FFA clanwars player looking to expand very active i'm from EST timezone.

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