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[PSA] For those who are paying for their membership with credit card/bank details

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*Am posting this is the main section as I think majority of the pures purchase their membership with bonds or with the bones of the defeated clans they closed*

Basically either Mod Jed had access to not only credit card details, but also transaction IDs. Accounts were recovered with such details and this could only mean 2 things; Jed either recovered the accounts himself or he had help from the outside. This combined with rumors that Jed had fled the country to Argentina spells out a worrying news that your RS account and bank/credit card details is at risk.

We don't know who and how many people Jed had shared the information to, nor has Jagex made clear how many credit card or bank a/c details were stolen, but if Jed has indeed fled to a 3rd world country with strong gang/criminal networks, it could be highly likely that he would be selling your information or recruiting said criminals to steal further amounts of money.

I strongly urge the community to replace their cards(especially if you are using a debit card), change your bank account information, and change any sort of information that you have previously used for Runescape that could possibly be used to hack into your existing emails or make transactions on your behalf.  Even if your Credit/Debit card details are backed up by a 2FA through your mobile phone, mobile phone impersonation using imei cloning methods or number porting to bypass said 2FA is very real. If your country has 2G cellular network, impersonating your phone number to receive 2FA codes is trivial.

Unfortunately, the implications of this means that your Runescape accounts could be at risk of recovery in the future. The only way to make sure your account is 100% unrecoverable at this point is to make a new account with new credit card number(or just buy bonds). If you have large amounts of gold, perhaps it is time to move it to a newly created mule.


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4 minutes ago, Jaimy said:

wait the kid dipped out of the country?

They are speculations and rumors atm. Jed's twitter was disabled for nearly a week, and then suddenly news of him fleeing the country yesterday pops up after the announcement? It is probably more than likely Jed is still sitting in some cell waiting for his pre trial. Regardless it doesn't change the fact of the other issues at hand

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1 hour ago, Brap said:

I'm so glad that my years playing this game has amounted to nothing but 3 crap pures, an average main and a total bank value equivalent  to 4,000 Indonesian Rupiah

same tbh

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16 minutes ago, UhhMerica said:

anyone know if this applies to paypal as well?

They would be able to see your paypal email and transaction details. Your Name etc would be in there. Possibly street address depending on what is requested by Jagex's paypal gateway

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