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Its Alan

xlpc Overdose - 55-65 Combat [XLPC]

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Clan Chat: "od cc"
Team Cape: Team 29

1-5 Defence, with 75+ Strength & 70+ Range. 
1-5 Defence, with 70+ Strength & 75+ Range.

Leader: Alan | Austin
High Council: [ SPOT OPEN ]
Council:  Scott | Dean | Zach


OVERDOSE, an XLPC clan made up of experienced and new members alike.
A clan formed by a dedicated staff to bring fourth nothing but clean, cancer free action to the scene. Started out in the summer of 2016, a f2p snipe team known as PANAHILL and later on OVERDOSE. Over time we moved on to becoming a big f2p team. 2+ years later a good portion of the core is still together, having its day one members active till this very day. OVERDOSE has been involved in action with some of OS Runescape's top clans & teams.

Fast forward to present day 2018, A new era is here. OVERDOSE has reopened its doors as an XLPC clan. We look forward to being active, and providing action to all clans/teams within our combat bracket. OVERDOSE is a clan for players who want to enjoy the XLPC scene for what it really is. Everything from inners, minis, preps, and of course multi pking is what we will be focusing on. We currently have 4 guaranteed midweeks trips + Sundays for official XLPC weekends.
(all official trips are set for 4:00pm eastern time)
 Our discord/clan chat is always active with something always going on. If this seems like the clan for you head over to our clan chat and introduce your self!


If OVERDOSE is to achieve and remain a top competitor in the XLPC scene, all ranks + verified members must commit to at least 2 or more official events each week. ©2016-2018.

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I have never been in a clan before and OD took me under their wing and has taught me so much thus far. I am extremely content with being apart of this family. All of the members of OD are so chill and funny. It's a great experience for any new players and seasoned vets! Best clan in 308!!!

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