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team Team Bandits

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Who are we?

Team Bandits is a Single Pking Med team that pk's daily at east drags / west drags/ graveyard / black chins.

We are a GMT based team with members from all over the world. UK, US, The Netherlands, Sweden , Finland,

 Our team consists 5-8 members atm.

Apart from being active ingame, we also require you to meet the following:

Meds - Zerks

88-109 combat

60+ Attack Posted Image

94+ Magic (incl. DT completed) Posted Image

90+ Strength Posted Image / 90+ Range Posted Image

70 Defence Posted Image

70 Prayer Posted Image

Must have Brid experience.
You're experience will be tested in clanwars, you have to win 2/3 fights to get accepted.

Range tank

100+ combat

99 Defence Posted Image

85+ Magic Posted Image

90+ Range Posted Image

Special weapon Posted Image

Teleport Blockers Posted Image

100+ combat

70-99 Defence Posted Image

85+ Magic Posted Image

Must have experience with teleblocking people.

You must idle on Discord and in clanchat whenever you get on Runescape.

How to contact us?
Send me a private message on Discord Counters#7642

Runescape name:
Attack level:
Strength level:
Defence level:
Range level
Magic level:
Hitpoints level:
Combat level:


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