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Homeless Man looking for Shelter in these Trying times - Pure/Med

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My name is Jail, am a good man. I recently took a break from this Java game in pursuit of my dream to become a WWE superstar, now that i have accomplished that (Pic below for proof) i am looking to get back into Runescape with pure clanning or Med level


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My pure is quite powerful it has a mere 1 defence level with triple 90+ stats and 75 attack. I can cast the barrage spell which I hear is quite potent in these days.

I also has a Med level which is 115 cb maxed with Rigour and 99 Attack/70 Def. and a Maxed range tank with rigour/augury.


I has much experience as I lead the greatest Xlpc/LPC pure clan of all time called Impact (if u disagree ur ded)


I will await the replies to see who seduces me the best, thank you for your service gamers 

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7 minutes ago, Maethros said:

wadda d00 / hank killed you

join the rockmen today

who is Hank wtf l0l


3 minutes ago, BvG said:

hey its my friend capig

Hey its my friend Beaver Gee, Prince of the Gators 

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