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Paragon's Week Out

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Since we do multiple pk trips a day, we decided just do a weekly recaps instead of daily topics. 




Paragon Vs Torture


While we were out pking, the leader of Torture messaged me for a matched opts Wilderness fight. Seeing we had 19 people pking, we decided to matched opts fight them and so we dropped to their Numbers. 


Paragon Starting: 12


Torture Starting: 12
Paragon Ending: 12
Torture Ending: 0
Thanks for the fight Torture, and hope to do more in the future!
[Image: TtEoWcc.png]
[Image: CTzwt3y.png]
[Image: sDdM7Ts.png]
[Image: yMEfw27.png]
[Image: Screen_Shot_2018-12-27_at_11.40.08_PM.png]
[Image: Screenshot_3.png]
[Image: 2018-12-28_01-37-28.png]
[Image: 2018-12-28_01-36-52.png]
[Image: 2018-12-28_01-36-33.png]
[Image: 6hz5Coj.png]
[Image: yMEfw27.png]
[Image: P22hJwi.png]
Last Friday:
After putting a nice chunk of change in our pockets yesterday, we felt it necessary to set out and do the same again. So we set out with 10 strong warriors, the fiercest of their kinds. Sweeping through anything that came in our way and asserting our dominance. 
We peaked at a strong 21, and, well, the rest is history. 
Some spams: 
[Image: qteo7F0.png]
[Image: akClOSy.png]
[Image: ki7mZgS.png]
We also decided to set free a captive Nibbler from the hands of a poacher. 
[Image: bSIjU26.png]
[Image: para_1.png]
[Image: dyGjnp1.png]
[Image: mQ5bbXx.png]
[Image: rpyNtkj.png]
[Image: U5Y0vW3.png]
[Image: FfP7zyd.png]
[Image: 0mMg37K.png]
[Image: mBBpmZb.png]
[Image: YNJhqAd.png]
[Image: xw87ILr.png]
[Image: 9LwtMXC.png]
[Image: ixeAfzZ.png]
[Image: hBRAnqT.png]
[Image: VdjX9Fw.png]
[Image: ZB38h9s.png]
[Image: NBB2ks8.png]
[Image: LL4ED2R.png]
[Image: BHNs2DV.png]
[Image: MgvjvAN.png]
[Image: LCYo58L.png]
[Image: SDGgi62.png]
[Image: C11g2Lr.png]
[Image: 3VWrWpi.png]
[Image: m93dprf.png]
[Image: vUOlza0.png]
[Image: g9mBEeW.png]
[Image: RGFJv4o.png]
[Image: 6gKdsgx.png]
[Image: HnCiTQm.png]
[Image: mpL0llV.png]
[Image: WnqHlgR.png]
[Image: H8QOleW.png]
[Image: 0OvrLjP.png]
[Image: fpH66Xj.png]
[Image: ots2bAV.png]
[Image: UJLSoXI.png]
[Image: dmhgBbc.png]
[Image: ZudgMyi.png]
[Image: GpD5IbZ.png]
[Image: 34oGSMt.png]
[Image: uUYfETI.png]
[Image: 1YNXiWr.png]
[Image: Uk1bmvK.png]
[Image: RGjK8fU.png]
Went on our daily stroll of the wilderness and ran into plenty of free loot tonight. Ran into Torture who had plenty of teammates tonight, and they put up a little battle but we ended up clearing them with ease. We all also smited dragon claws and made plenty of other money. Thanks for the battles friends.
[Image: para_1.png]

[Image: hhsgwPl.png]
[Image: 9isoq06.png]
[Image: u2GzJUR.png]
[Image: UCR6VNo.png]
[Image: 1g7wGR1.png]
[Image: dhoqzNE.png]
[Image: qCNGtsF.png]
[Image: oPvR0DY.png]
[Image: 4GwBn2y.png]
[Image: 2018.12.30_17-21-52.png]
[Image: MMIl9RYjSpSPfyA5xjKk2w.png]
[Image: 2018-12-30_18-56-44.png]
[Image: 2018.12.30_18-25-23.png]
[Image: 2018.12.30_17-39-42.png]
[Image: 2018-12-30_21-59-35.png]
[Image: 2018-12-30_22-33-20.png]
[Image: 2018-12-30_22-38-14.png]
[Image: 2018-12-30_22-40-30.png]
[Image: loot_4.PNG]
[Image: loot_2.PNG]

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