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weekend Noxious Sunday xLPC - 2019 Opener Trip Part Two Ft. xLPC Communtiy Breaks Excel 80 To 30 Man Pull After One Hit

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50-65 CB Pure? Join Noxious xLPC Clan Today!

Discord: https://discord.gg/DabJjrV | Clan Chat: Clan Noxious




On this fine Sunday evening, Noxious massed up 23 red gang bangers, later peaking at 28 in-game to fight the xlpc scene for our part two 2019 weekend openers.

Starting our day off we decided to camp XL having their 80 man pull during mass time but after ONE hit at CA they lost 50% of their members and reduced to 30-40. LMAO. - S/o @Rijn 💋

Almost every single clan showed up today - S/o to Anonymous, Overdose, Rampage, Immortals, Plague, Climax and ExSHIT... We had a ton of fun with all the action and cluster fucks we were in today, GF boys.

Last but not least, Ty to OD for the awesome 20v20 FT50 events after the trip! (pub off req.)



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Plan 2 close xL, its closing time, you'd better find someone to take you home because you can't stay here. This is what happens when you mass recruit every walking 41cb, you become the broadside of an ugly pink and blue barn. Keep showing up with your 80 members, they will trickle to us anyways after we show them that quality truly does outnumber quantity. 

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