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Part two of the PD leaks

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"With part 3 right around the corner we present PlayDead audio of Cutthroat hitting PD over and over, using multiple spies and even getting a sneak peak of Admin chat logs we are going to release in Part 3"




Ever since the 1st leaks PD members have seen how broken their leadership is and given up on their clan. We have received multiple messages from disgruntled pd members and a few have been assigned as spies already. It was foolish for pd to ever try to compete with Cutthroat. Their ranks are amateurs and their members are all level 100s recruited off of open cc clans.

Topic on CT forums here: http://cutthroat-rs.com/forums/topic/21617/. We will be releasing logs of our SPY and PD leader (they are much much better than the previous ones) and we will also be posting their pathetic admin chat. 

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4 hours ago, Tova said:

Does your mind fill with bad memories when you see the word "leaks" @DF_member? 😆

you're fucking awful at flaming pls stop.

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