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Paragon's Small Man

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[Image: Cir1bfT.png]
With it being spring break and most of our virgins doing regular college shit, we still had 10 retards that wanted to pk so we went and swept the money caves. We hit every small man team and cleared all the hispanics from their money making method. After 3 hours we decided to call it a night when American Idol came on.
[Image: 46m7wrd.png]
[Image: S1tXNPI.png]
[Image: ycsJ5A4.png]
[Image: iO67LCD.png]
[Image: 2zg4t2s.png]
[Image: 2019-03-12_21-27-49.png]
[Image: 2019-03-12_21-30-07.png]
[Image: 2019-03-12_22-00-49.png]
[Image: 2019-03-12_21-56-11.png]
[Image: 2019-03-12_21-21-39.png]
[Image: 2019-03-12_21-58-14.png]
[Image: 2019-03-12_21-48-23.png]
[Image: 2019-03-12_21-56-24.png]
[Image: Screen_Shot_2019-03-12_at_10.39.32_PM.png]
[Image: Screen_Shot_2019-03-12_at_10.28.26_PM.png]
[Image: 6e62247210acaed1f96a79559db83f81.png]
[Image: 4c56e9dd13cb0b4a4cd15394ba04bf78.png]

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