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Cera S6

Violent Resolution's Thursday - Mar 14 ft. bullying The Supremes/Lil Cards

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Clan Chat: VR_Clanchat

Twitter: http://twitter.com/OSRS_VR
Twitch: http://twitch.tv/OSRS_VR
VR Discord: https://discord.me/OSRS_VR


Earlier in the week we got word that a few teams would be heading out around 5 EST today so decided to throw up a half day prep in order to get in on some hunting action. We hopped around revs on scouts in search for WG but unfortunately, never seemed to find them as they were logged out most of their trip.. We decided to hop around and sweep a few worlds why we got our scouts into the wilderness in different key places. After clearing a few smaller teams including Forsaken before we ended up fighting 1750's anti-Rev CC for a bit. We fought 20 v what seemed to be like 35 of them, catching them in a few good barrages but after numbers overwhlemed we headed to regroup.


At this point we scouted The Supremes in World 350 as they were at the bank in gloves. Kaochin logged in and teleported to GDS and sure enough, they were there. We followed suit with the rest of the clan teleporting up right behind him and watched as The Supremes scattered around. As we were all in mage, we frozen 5-6 of them as they attempted to run, killing the majority of their trip before they made it to single. We ragged them down to edge and waited for them to go back into the rev caves. 





We hopped around some more finding TS at the north door once again. This time they thought it would be smart to attempt to kill me and followed me through the corridor into a waiting 20 VR members to the south. We barrage clumped all of them out inside the corridor, killing a few other stragglers to the north before moving back south and banking to grab yellow Lil Card capes.


We had some of our members join Card's CC and the rest in their capes as we logged into their world and barraged their clumps from the south. They didn't know what hit them, confused as hell as to what was happening. They took off their capes in an attempt to pile those attacking them but we did the same and had them pretty much cleared from 70 people down to 20 before we teleport out LOL.


We hopped back around doing another little hit on Lil Cards along with TS and  a few other small team fights we found before we decided to call it a night and headed to the bank to call it a night.

Good job to everyone who attended!










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