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Cera S6

pkri Violent Resolution's Thursday - GMT/EST vs CD/ROT

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Clan Chat: VR_Clanchat

Twitter: http://twitter.com/OSRS_VR
Twitch: http://twitch.tv/OSRS_VR
VR Discord: https://discord.me/OSRS_VR


VR's GMT Sweep

Earlier in the day, GMT unit decided to sweep the caves and made some loot. PK went on for about 2 hours killing PvMers and some small man teams, you know, the usual. Saw a bunch of VR posting total loot tabs of 15+m each so, pretty sure fuckin BANK was made.


VR vs CD

A week or so ago, CD approached us looking for a fun little F2P scrap. At first we were skeptical as F2P wasn't really something we've been focusing on lately and most of our newer members were P2P but, we decided to accept and get an old school battle going. 

Coming to the day, we heard that ROT would more than likely be coming to the fight to crash but we decided to fight it out anyways for the lawls and some fun action and Arr0z agreed to come anti-crash any randoms but weren't sure if they'd get involved when ROT came as they didn't really have enough ACing to fight ROT 1 v 1.

Violent Resolution Starting: ~25 - few looters/watchers in the pic before we locked cc

Critical Damage Starting: ~20


CD defended on top of Spider hill and VR rushed in from the south west. We took control of the fight pretty quickly as CD had some lower levels and were outnumbered but, they still fought through and kept a solid main pile. After about 10 minutes of fighting, ROT showed to the world and both clans moved west to single and logged out. 

VR + CD + Arr0z vs ROT

After coordinating with Zeke from CD, we decided to re-rush each other on a different world and agreed that if ROT crashed, we'd merged clan chats and put up a little fight before numbers were overwhelming and we'd leave. We told Arr0z the plan and invited them to join the clan chat if ROT was to come in but, was told most of their ranks weren't wanting to get involved.

We did just that with VR vs CD restarting for another 15 minutes or so before ROT got word of it and hopped in around the fight. VR instantly moved to the CD's open clan chat and started turning piles on ROT members. VR + CD fought for a while before Elrond rallied the Arr0z men and decided to get involved as well for some action for them. After a 3 v 1 battle and a lot of fun, all clans decided to call it quicks and spammed GF ROT ingame before we moved to the west and called it a night.

Thanks for the action to all clans tonight, was a lot of fun! Old School memories :D 















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On 5/9/2019 at 11:42 PM, Tova said:

Good to see sovereign in f2p

Beast made all the VR/SV choose one side or the other broski. We freeeeeee

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18 hours ago, Cera S6 said:

Beast made all the VR/SV choose one side or the other broski. We freeeeeee

And history repeats itself... Time to break from the cycle, Cera.

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