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Cera S6

weekend Violent Resolution's Sunday - May 12 ft. SV+ROT/WG/DK/Yuzla

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Clan Chat: VR_Clanchat

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Set up a little PK for EST timezone today looking for some action. Maintained 15-20 the majority of the PK as we hopped around killing whoever we found.

First little bit was basically only SV/ROT in the caves chasing Lil Cards. We originally massed as SV vs Lil Cards started but with ROT on speed dial, Cards just dipped not looking to get 2 v 1'd. We hopped around doing our own thing, killing a few small man teams avoiding SV/ROT's hand holding. With not much left in the caves, we decided to rush a small man SV team as they were split and started fighting. After about 30 seconds, ROT was called in and we decided to change our PK to just ballista and fuck around.

We hopped around in ballistas, clearing a few small man teams and getting some juicy +1s with Yuzla's team in 1750s, few in 1500s and then ran into WG while we were spread. We regrouped and headed back down, this time fucking them in the next world they were in.

Eveventually we ran into DK's small man team and cleared them easily. They decided to re-mass and we hopped into them but with us just in ballistas, wasn't hard to range pray so we dipped out and regeared in proper shit.

DK PMed us looking for a fight. We both had around 15 ppl and found them in the middle of caves. After a short 2 minute fight, we cleared them easily as they claimed we gained but really we had 15 to their 19. DK regrouped and we told our men to tell us their world when they were coming down the caves. Sure enough, they came down and we barraged them out north east of the rev caves. After a short fight, DK were forced to north door single with us hitting them with a "Derek would be ashamed" spam (lol).

DK then came down again and we managed to fight them for a bit before clearing them once again.

We then focused on Yuzla's team, rushing them in 1750s once again.

At this point we had been out for ~3.5 hours and decided to call our PK as Game of Thrones was about to start and people wanted to get ready to watch it.

Good job guys, thanks for the action.














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