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Cera S6

midweek Violent Resolution's Tuesday - May 14 ft. Arr0z/Rev/SV/VNG/1250s

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Clan Chat: VR_Clanchat

Twitter: http://twitter.com/OSRS_VR
Twitch: http://twitch.tv/OSRS_VR
VR Discord: https://discord.me/OSRS_VR


So after a long day of work I got on to hear that a group was looking for some action today. We decided to head out at 6 EST after hearing a few different clans would be out. We massed up and headed deep with our first targets in mind.

Violent Resolution vs Arr0z

We sent in Vnforever and got a bunch of them to skull up in veracs, along with their few that had mystics to anti PK. Once they were baited, VR logged in from the east and rushed the callisto, killing a few for veracs and their mages and they were cleared from the world.

We hopped around some more and found them again as they came back, rushing them once again and forcing them to dip south. 


Violent Resolution vs Revenant

We then hopped around some more looking for some more action from Arr0z but couldn't find them. After hopping around we eventually ran into Rev who was also killing Callisto in skulled veracs. We killed the few in anti PK and forced the rest to teleport. As they were getting cleared, Rev threw up a mass highlight on Discord to come help clear us. After killing a few of them as they came in one by one, they eventually rushed in a full group and we held single and single-multied them for a bit before they pushed into single and we moved south to regroup.


Violent Resolution vs Sovereign/Revenant

We regrouped back deep and came into single. After a few worlds hops, we scouted Sovereign vs Revenant going down at Callisto and logged in in single, barraging to the west and catching both clans in clumps. After a small little scrap with us catching some juicy barrages, we moved south and decided to move to Rev caves after scouting "SWAT".


We scouted SWAT clearing Vanguard in a world and went to rush SWAT as they just finished them off. Unfortunately, we were a little slow on the hit and we only ended up killing 1 of them.

We hopped around some more looking for them but found that they had ended their PK trip right after that.

We hopped around looking for Vanguard and rushed them 6 v 12.

Violent Resolution vs Vanguard

We rushed north and forced Vanguard to dip to single, killing a lot of them in the process even though we only had 6. We moved south and hopped worlds hoping to find them again eventually. 

After a few worlds of hopping, we found them around the 30 line and re-rushed with 8 ppl this time. This time VNG actually put up a little fight back and more VR got on looking to get in on the action. After a 10 minute fight, VR had gained to 14 people and cleared the remaining VNG off the map.


Violent Resolution vs Rendual 1250s

At this point we asked VNG for a fight but they declined and we were told that they had ended. With nothing else out, we decided to see what the skill total worlds held. 1750s and 1500s were clear but we found some action on 1250s. After  a short little scrap, we cleared Rendual's little rev trip and force them to remass. We got everyone back together and went to hit them again. This happened 3 times, getting a little 10 minute scrap each time before they would end. 



After 4 hours of PKing, we decided to call it a night and go unmand. Few of us decided to fuck around at the end of the night in falador while SV was attempting to kill jed1995 but everything an SV member moved to multi not around a wall or range praying, they'd get dbowed by 4 VR members. Almost 1 hit Violenter, boltnafk and Famcloth and killed 2-3 others in the middle of falador :P Was fun.


Thanks for the action all clans! Lots of action out tonight. Peaked at 20 at 9:45pm EST :D 

16 kills, 4 deaths

























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9 hours ago, wolffff said:

Lol Vanguard in pvp? They shud stick to pvming lmfao, gz on action tho vr

was surprised as you

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