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Appeal to the main scene

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I would like to extend a call to the main/zerk/tank community to contribute their clan history page to the sharkbrew wiki


Ever since the closure of Zybez, the historical records for the main scene is spotty at best, and I daresay that a lot of members in this scene are unaware of the scale of main activity that preceded the current era, with clans pulling 100+ and having fights that last for days.

While admittedly, while the main scene has shrunk from the heydays of 2013-2015, many clans today are still relevant in their respective brackets and I hope we can collectively document your experiences.

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7 hours ago, Peace seeker said:

No pure scene needs more attention, not stupid mains

Na we are not losing focus at all. We have hosted 2 tournaments last couple of months and will be hosting 1 more quite soon after we find a perm gfxer

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