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tournament Sharkbrew Big Summer Flex P2P Tournament

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Calling out for all big dick clans to participate...


This is the first first open p2p tournament with round robin match up, this means everyone has to fight everyone and should in theory be a fairer fight over single elimination.


Starting date: 27th May 19
1-20 def accounts & 1 def gear
Best out of 3, Each clan will attack and defend one round each with one PKRI

Clans will lineup in the middle for attack/defend rounds (normal prep style)

20 min - Sit to lower pulling clan

Full round robin - Everyone has to fight everyone
Clans earn 1 point for every round won or forfeited by their opponents
Clan with highest number of points wins the tournament
There will be a tiebreaker if 2 or more clans have the same number of point
Clans will be assigned 2 fights per week and can fight at their own convenience

If both clans cannot fight, we will set a default time and day

Default time:

After Sunday weekend trip

Any shenanigans will be dealt with accordingly, but we hope clans can respect their opponents



No venom of any kind.

Any ring allowed (Including Recoil/Suffering).

Any type of glove (Including Addy if any 20 def participates).




Winner of the tournament gets an awesome sig made by Leaks himself:


Also we are including a special prize of 50m GP to any clan who goes completely undefeated(meaning you win all your rounds)



Initial Sign up list


We need 6 clans/teams to start

Tentative Match Schedules

Usually the schedules are sorted after the sign up list, but since this is the first time we are doing a full round robin tournament, this should give everyone the idea how this tournament is going to work:

2 rounds will be fought per week, so hopefully we can clear this up within a month. The clans on the top bracket get to choose the world in which these fights will occur, the bottom clan in the bracket will attack first. 



If I am not on the list, how do I participate?

Reply to this topic with the following template:


Clan/Team name:

Discord invite link:

Point of contact(discord/sharkbrew forums):


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Clan/Team name:ONSLAUGHT

Discord invite link: flower#6217

Point of contact(discord/sharkbrew forums): mainly through flower#6217

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6 minutes ago, N Ranges said:

hmmmm looking forward to another tourny sig thanks in advance gl to everyone 

Apex signing up? :eyes:

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