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midweek Vikings bully res nights in a row

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The VIA got notice that Resurgence was massing up. Vengeance of course sounded the horn and massed 25 Vikings in mere minutes. It did not take us long to find them and once again they were bullied within seconds. After that they decided to hide at entrance for about hour. We finally got bored waiting on them to man up and went to clear caves. We found plenty of Easy loot and ran into PD and the minty JAJA elves a couple times where we fought for about 5-10minutes but sadly had to dip to be doing a few numbers.

Eventually Resurgence braved the caves again and we found them quickly and a fight commence in dragons. It didn't take long before a few main fanboys started hitting us during the fight so we asked PD to come AC for us as we knew they were out. Obviously this turned into a huge clusterfuck as JAJA, PD, RoT, some rev? and of course Resurgence turned it into a mini world war. We focused the res names, got a third clear pic and ditched shortly after as we completed our raid 3x successfully for the night.





nice 99defence




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