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The Rising Vs Sovereign + Reign of Terror - F2P PKRI

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Earlier in the week SV approached us looking for a F2P wilderness battle. Despite knowing it would most likely turn into a 2v1 since they're allied with Reign of Terror we accepted the challenge keen to get some action. We had a solid turnout and performed great despite the obvious number disadvantage. After around 35 minutes we decided we'd given em enough smoke and called it a night.








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5 hours ago, Eevee said:

TR is back? Since when?

F2P fights are rare these days. Hope to see consistent activity from you guys.

We reopened about two weeks ago or so, we have took up P2P as well as F2P these days since F2p action is limited however saying that we have had 3 F2P battles in these 2 weeks 2 CWA's and 1x Wildy 

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