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Rage Presents: Supremacy The Propaganda Machine [Audio Leak]

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This Sunday we pummelled the shit out of Supremacy, and as expected they spent the entirety of their trip making excuse after excuse as to why they were getting pummelled so hard.

The excuses get better and better as the trip goes on, according to Supremacy ranks, Rage,Outrage,Resistance and even Ancient Fury were teaming on Supremacy all trip long.

In reality Supremacy are stuck in the mindset of being a clan which pulls 30 and can't handle being the second highest pulling clan. You pussies should stop crying about other clans hitting you when you have 70 people and focus on not getting poached by your rivals.

Supremacy barely lasted an hour before we ended their wilderness trip and sent them to clan wars. Below is supremacy's weekend topic, in which they claimed to have slammed Rage all trip: but when you look closer, the only video listed is from after they were sent to clan wars with their tails between their legs.



I could go on and on but the only hope Supremacy has left is to bring multiple mains on Saturday and brainwash their members on Sunday.

Below is a 16 minute video (including ts audio) of how Supremacy's trip really went.


if you can't view the above, try second upload below xd.



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Best part about sitting in singles when you're in supremacy is your leader will give a live commentary of your rivals cluster going on, although he wasn't very truthful...

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you seem pretty mad over rs retard lmfao, we fight at lvl 8 or 6 w.e coz ur shit mains couldn't hit us l0l, every single time i right click, had to deal with that shit, better luck in p2p were mains won't save u rats, we didn't ended b4 you tho rofl, 68 bears remaining standing so idk fuck u crying about clearing us, delusional fgts literally.



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