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midweek Tuesday: Fighting Rev and Dominating Rot/Ts/Sv

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We arranged a fight with Rev and to switch it up we did multi spells rather than single. We changed our multispells tactics up a  little and i feel like it worked quite well. Once the cap was over we took endings and  jimmy ran away from us cos scared lol.


(Forgot to mention Sv was ready to try and crash but Rot told them to wait cos Rot didn't have enough)


After the Rev fight (100% clean btw) ended we decided to make the bad clans alliance come out and play. Logging into Sv world we cleared them before Rot could log in. Once Rot did log in we barraged out their clump and the fun began. 


For the next 2 hours Rot would be forced to do their usual thing of d'hide barraging and as uaul they got destroyed and were basically suiciding rather than fighting. Noticing how poor their performance was we told them they had 15 minutes to try and come up with something but they didn't really have enough in-game

to get a good spam (well one with more than 9/51 people)











Thanks for the fight Rev (again, clean).


lmfao Rot 



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