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Cera S6

Violent Resolution's Friday - Bank Loot Made

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Clan Chat: VR_Clanchat
Started out with our late EST/ AEST unit hosting a mace trip which was very successful trip with 400m of loots making some fat gp. After this trip ended we decided to start our daily sweeps. As usual swept for hours and hours uncontested, no other clan wanting to come play ball and we all made fat loot. Even Viv managed to pk some dragon claws which is quite the accomplishment when you step back to realise that he's dutch. 
66ae69bbf50647f9055a175a5348ce50-png.jpg  b76907388ae6048274f66999382c64ea-png.jpg  5e54c31ab53f00ab4d98d4e38f913448-png.jpg  4c2ba4d04aa8058aa34fca31832069d8-png.jpg  164469bc2aff413ffd91aa4eb7503d65-png.jpg  d1a79a659ae436b939bb287f8eab5760-png.jpg  a752120ed3d382da8d80830d5a24ac86-png.jpg Kill_Action_2019-10-04_12-36-57.png 
 unknown.png  unknown.png  1GvHomN.png  Kill_Action_2019-10-04_12-36-57.png  unknown.png  vr.PNG  FNqxzRo.png  1ui158F.png  u2zk2xc.png  92860b7ae218044a4b587d42f32954f2-png.jpg  236d1aa1036351cf80a56921c339eceb-png.jpg  unknown.png  unknown.png  3dGaaXJ.png  unknown.png unknown.png  VOXKQ8t.png  nR0TggW.png  QQ4BuMD.png GgWtkqG.png  lcqK5Zx.png  cvqJRP0.png 6likWbb.png  s3MxzvH.png 

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