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pkri Tuesday EST bonanza Ft. Jaja & Rev

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Went out Pking and ran into Lil Cards, then Jaja, and had a quick scrap until they teleported out, ran into them a-few more times but we had a considerable number advantage. With rev's cleared we went deep which lead to Kyle nearly dying to two level 89s. 


Having quite a-few of the EST unit on we asked Rev for a single spells fight and they accepted. After a quick mass we met up at Chaos temple and had a rather even fight an hour till the cap ended we then compared endings like it was 2010 and Bosha got all of Rev muted. Revan wins again.












Unless that time is  9:00 Pm EST and the place is the wilderness,


Rot with a 1 man crash attempt (after the fight ended)



But at least it's better than this guy who was looting instead..




Thanks for the fight Rev and Goodjob Est Unit.

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