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Nothing Left (NL) | 115+ CMB | EST

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Nothing Left 

Established July 2019

Eastern Standard Time (EST) Dominant PVP Clan

Nothing Left (NL) is a high quality main squad that excels in North American friendly timezones. With a core of veterans from various pvp communities, NL has proven to be a strong and consistent contender in EST. We are not affiliated to either pro/anti ROT, and our primary competition is PD and SV. 

Code of Ethics

We are a NH Clan that does not support doxxing, or racism. We aim to give high quality clean action to all clans.


  • NL keeps a highly active, highly capable memberlist. With frequent activity screens, tank tests, return tests and gear reqs. NL aims for quality over quantity. 

  • NL currently has >40 members, and can be expected to pull up to 30 ranked members to fights. 

  • Official trips and PKRIs 4-5 times a week, small mans every day, and a dedicated macing unit. 

Joining NL 

If you wish to apply or become involved with NL, you can find us at; http://nl-rs.net/

If you don’t meet the minimal requirements, make sure to get to know our membership while you prepare your account!

Join our Discord! https://discord.gg/xVehA2

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On 11/14/2019 at 11:42 AM, NL Fargorn said:

Special Cases

However, NL currently pursues an agenda of all out aggression toward WG specifically...Having been doxxed and flamed upon the creation of NL by WG. NL has victimized and systematically dismembered the “honor clan”. Leaking their staff logs, and gear capping/time zone capping them almost completely. 

Amending special cases, WG is once again dead in the water, having given no resistance before folding. Of the few remaining pkers/doxxers they had. All have either disbanded to other clans (mostly CT), or quit playing entirely. 

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