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Outrage Vs Unbreakable ~ F2P Prep ~ 2-0 (75-74 & 100-37)

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Thursday, 14th November, 2019; Outrage massed up 26 dragons for our f2p fight versus Unbreakable, although we were down 4 in our first round, we managed to gain a 15 kill lead that we blew due to a silent ts3 as both of our callers started to die reapeatedly, we still managed to win it by a kill. The next round we were much more organised and won it by a staggering 63 kills. Thank you for the fight UB, better luck next time.




@ ~Cranked




@White Page




Round 1

Outrage Opts: 26 - Unbreakable Opts: 30

Outrage Kills: 75 - Unbreakable Kills: 74


Round initially started 27v29, but we dropped a guy a couple minutes in whereas UB gained a guy. Lost a 15 kill lead due to our callers dying at the same time repeatedly, still managed to pull through and win down 4.


Round 2

Outrage Opts: 28 - Unbreakable Opts: 27

Outrage Kills: 100 - Unbreakable Kills: 37



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Fun battle, good that we were able to turn the smoke around this time!


It will be interesting to see how our next knock out prep will go vs ape clan.

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