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Nothing Left | Nov 16th (Sat) | Looking for Smoke

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Nothing Left | Nov 16th (Sat) EST | Looking for Smoke

3rd time this week we have been unopposed in EST. What has happened to Jaja and their flaming? 

We started out by grouping up and taking a leisurely stroll through the deep wilderness. We came to the conclusion that it was completely devoid of human life and proceeded to Vet'ion. We ran into nothing but a few avoiders there (?Resurgence), so the next stop in our journey was of course the revenant caves - everyone's favorite. 

We hopped around for awhile and cleared some small teams out in the caves. Thanks to some clutch tbs by one of the OG tbers as well as some well-timed freezes from everyone, we were able to snag some easy loot.The 1500s had some protectors, but we cleared them easily. The only team that was willing to fight back was CPK. Fun fights, but the combination of landing several barrage clumps, solid tanking, and great calling allowed us to come out ahead with 4 clears in a row despite being down a few ops (We did not ping TS/discord).

Solid trip with some fun banter. GF to all the teams as well. See you in the wild 🙂 





Initial recap by Yoshi on NL official site; http://nl-rs.net/index.php?/topic/122-saturday-night-trip-ooh-la-la/

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