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🔥 [VENGEANCE] PK Trip In Loving Memory

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Recently, a clan who we had rivaled with decided to close down. This clan fell due to the constant challenge of the Vikings gwassing them, humiliating them with memes, and neglecting them the attention they continuously sought after in us. This pk trip is dedicated to the recent fall of Avalon.

The Vikings had been out pking all day. We kept it pretty simple today. We went to the Alter, Rev Entrance, in Caves, as well as doing a few single focuses. Sniping plus 1's and other juicy kills, today was nothing more than business as usual for Vengeance.


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For once, I went to bed early that day. Woke up to read about the Vikings smoking the Wilderness, again. That's what I love about Vengeance; everyday action. I'll be online tonight.




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