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Nothing Left | Nov 18th (Monday) | Featuring Jaja getting farmed

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Nothing Left | Nov 18th (Monday) | Featuring Jaja Getting Farmed

Started Monday night in EST hopping around GDZ and Vettion, cleared a bunch of small teams with HUGE loot for around 25 minutes. Realizing we had cleared everything deep we went off to rev caves, hopped for about 15 minutes clearing lil shitters here and there. Eventually ran into PD who we had some short scraps with 2 times leaving after they gained. Stayed in revs hopping around looking for another scrap before we called it night, this is where we ran into cards vs pd and we decided to join in on the action making it a 1v1v1 hitting both pd and cards. It wasn't long before other clans figured out what was going on and it turned into a nice cluster. Fought for 2 hours and 30 minutes farming the 15 JJ that showed up and banging cards kids left and right. Was a great night and lots of fun, GG to all the clans. (See below for pictures).


The NL/Jaja Scoreboard for November 

NL 3: JAJA 0

1) JAJA crashing NL during their set up for VR PKRI, started with JAJA getting ggwassed, and subsequently farmed until NL left (not wanting to keep VR waiting) JAJA did NOT crash the VR fight. 

2) Jaja crashed the TR vs NL PKRI 2 minutes in. Despite NL only having 20 to Jaja ?40. Jaja was unable to clear NL. In fact, NL was able to catch some serious barrage clumps in rebuke. When SV eventually found the fight, Jaja FLED INSTANTLY. Leaving NL members still standing? Jaja once again showing their quality when they eagerly take a 2:1 fight, but run the second they lose the number advantage...perhaps scared to lose addy sets?  

3) Jaja tried to rag NL during the Monday night cluster, but instead found themselves getting farmed? 

This all leaves some questions begging to be answered; Like... why is a GMT clan, that claims to be a competitive anti-ROT/SV/TS force, burning resources on a 40 member NEUTRAL EST clan? And, why are they having such a hard time beating them? Why is Jaja leaking NL-Lobby screenshots, but still unable to provided quantitative evidence that NL has any alliances?  

Perhaps Jaja is looking for an excuse to focus NL? Perhaps Jaja has become so irrelevant in GMT that they need to look for targets elsewhere in order to try and stay relevant? Perhaps they are too weak or disliked to get clean action? Maybe they don't like seeing a clan that gives clean action? I will let you draw your own conclusions. @Alan Rickmanmay be able to fill us in? 

















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