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tournament EST Vs GMT [PURE EVENT]

Interested in EU VS NA CWA Event?  

77 members have voted

  1. 1. Interested in EU VS NA CWA Event?

  2. 2. Who will you represent?

  3. 3. Which server?

    • BOTH (would be done a week apart from eachother)
    • F2P Only
    • P2P Only

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It's been over a year since we've last hosted an EST Vs GMT Clan Wars Event, we're doing another one and we would like to see how many people are interested. 

Vote on the poll and be sure to have your RSN tied to your sharkbrew account via your profile page





1-25Def Accounts

First to 100                                                                                                                        

P2P- Plateau 3x
F2P- Classic 2x, Plateau 1x

Accounts will be checked for up to a week before the event happens so don't try getting in with an account that doesn't meet requirements.

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3 hours ago, Tyendinaga said:

have repa lead a team again

Probably going to have the community vote on callers....


Which would have UK people splitting from EU

US impeaching their caller mid-round

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