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Beyond Control - Sunday rev sweeps

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#1 most active Med-main Rev PK clan.

Beyond Control Discord: https://discord.gg/WUhushe

Went out with sweeping the caves for few hours with 15~ shooters 

cleared Veng and DK

At the first part not much action happend just clearing pvmers and smaller teams (loot pics below)


After putting more scouts up we found DK on a small man team

quickly hopped in & banged out their leader , 2 min after we catched their regroup in another world and made them tp out again.

we looked after a good 5 min for them but couldn't find these rats anymore


After we found Veng fighting some venny bolt ragger's

quickly hopped in and cleared the fight and took a bank looking to see if Veng was up for another fight .

After running down collidors where they were waiting on us we had 2 clumps going from the start

managing to kill almost everyone one of them without any of us dieing and getting a ZGS from zewy.    









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