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Cera S6

Violent Resolution Wednesday ft. DK/FSK/DF

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Clan Chat: VR_Clanchat

Twitter: http://twitter.com/OSRS_VR
Twitch: http://twitch.tv/OSRS_VR
VR Discord: https://discord.me/OSRS_VR



The crew was PvMing Revs when Divine Kings decided to come fuck with us. After killing 3 while we were in PvM gear, we geared in proper fight gear and headed up looking for some juicy action.

After scouting around, we found Divine Kings in the middle of Revs. We logged in and caught a few in the middle while the rest of the logged to the south.

We hopped to their next world and rushed them in the middle. Fight went back and forth eventually moving into Black Dragons where our returning outmatched theirs. VR continued getting our full numbers ingame, eventually pushing DK back south where they called the teleport out and we took our ending.



Both VR and DK took a bank, flaming each other at the bank before heading back up and getting ready to fight again. DK took the middle of Revs and VR logged into them once again. Fight was pretty much one-sided from the beginning, with VR catching DK in 2 juicy clumps off the bat, killing the majority of them and forcing them to fight outnumbered the rest of the fight.

We continued our piles, clearing DK callers and eventually caught them in one more clump in the L wall where we cleared 3/4 of their pile, forcing them to call the teleport out and we took our ending.



We continued our PK looking for DK but Donna ended up finding Forsaken on her as she logged in trying to get back to our pile. She tanked it hard north as VR came down the corridor and both clans went to catch each other in barrage clumps. VR tanked out of it with the majority of VR pulling north while others looped around black dragons, catching Forsaken in a clump they just couldn't recover from, forcing an end to the fight. 

After clearing the remaining few south, we moved north as Divine Forces logged in south. Since we just fought, we left to regroup before coming back.


Hopped back to the north door and waited for Forsaken to run down the corridor, barraging them out quickly before the rest ran north to single and logged out.

Shortly after in the same world,  DF again and after a little scrap, we dipped as people started to have to go and DF gained numbers. Thanks for the fight.






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