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Clan Information


The Firm is an active clan and a supportive community with members and ranks you can depend on.

Unlike other clans we're completely non-toxic
so you can focus on PKin instead of wasting energy dealing with toxic people.
It's makes a noticeable difference.

Why Join The Firm?

Pking everyday
Weekly Clan and Wilderness Events, P2P Wars against other team's and giveaways!

Pkers of all experience levels welcome!!


70+ Combat
1-25 Def Preferred
50+ Attack
80+ Strength / Range
85+ Magic
43+ Prayer

Clan chat is: TheFirmCC

Founder: My Caves 
Leader: Moe, Th3 Punish3r, Fvmous
High Council: Nam
Council: Benny
Officer: TBA
Even If you are a non-experienced Clanner and looking to get some starting experience then this is the best relaxed environment for you!!
We are actively looking for new recruits to join this ever growing community, Also recruiting experienced members to also join the ranks!
If this is something that interests you then please come and say Hi ! :) 



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