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cwa New Power vs Latin Crew

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Clan chat: np clanDiscord: https://discord.gg/CRsgGsN


Hello sharkbrew, today we had a mid week fight against Latin Crew. They handed us our first loss since opening on OSRS so 
we were motivated to beat them.
Special thanks to our incredible members for continuing to strive by improving their quality each fight and to our callers for the amazing work

Gf Latin Crew, pm Dig Din#6814 or Dias158#9263 for f2p cwa fights


Round 1:  25-19


Round 2: we lose 

Round 3:   25-23



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3 hours ago, Wl Tales said:

Well done NP! Miss you pals :wub:


Makarov :wub:

Hey Bro,  thanks. I miss you too ❤️

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