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cwa Vengeance takes down PD in CWA

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Despite cancellation after cancellation, the Vikings managed to finally secure an event with somebody this Sunday. We seriously went through so many different plans that ended up not working out (scheduling, teams pulling out, clans losing members suddenly) but finally secured a CWA event vs Play Dead. Thanks and respect to you PD gamers for giving our shooters some action on this fine Sunday evening. 

Before our event vs. PD we started with a nice quick 20 minute 15v15 inners in the wilderness - Veng vs. Veng. I have it on good authority that Veng won and it was literally zero competition. 

Back to the CWA - the rules were wilderness gear, multi spells - most kills at 20 minutes wins. PD arrived to the fight with more opts than us, so we agreed to do matched opts - as we didn't want them to sit any more people.

Fight was lit, everyone was hyped in voice. We took a decent sized 15 kill lead in the first half of the fight, but PD came very close to taking the win back toward the end.

Final Score: 66-63

GF Gents


Local News' POV:

Tank's POV:

Good work lads, who else could win that fight matched opts vs mains? 


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