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unofficial Arroz networks Wilderland [GWAS]

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10 hours ago, D96 said:

why you so upset bro, just pm me and we'll sort it out! you can get money or earn a chance in wl, which got the following benefits:

  • we dont pay to fuck ugly hookers infected with hiv/sifilis and leak our own 0.07 cm dicks while saying a lot of embarrassing shit
  • our members never get smited for dragon claws
  • were actually open for fights whenever (pussy clans never end out well)
  • we got events in F2P wilderness (like actual clans)
  • we dont accept people with less than 10 iq
  • we dont accept cringe people
  • and much more!

points 5 and 6 being said though i dont think youd fit, but you can still make money!

best regards

you really got hurt, didn't you? L0L0L0L0L0L0L0L0L0L0L0L0L0L0L0L0L0L0L00L
arroz just doesn't need to do anything, you are killing ur own clan for us man :s

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5 minutes ago, Warbow said:

Holy fuck, in the middle of whoever that was getting gwassed they continued to pray smite. Ahhahahahahahah

WilderExotic Quality

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Beautiful moment when the "kkkkk" spam turns into a deafening silence and the unfortunate bastards all die in the clump, some still with smite on their heads.

I would very much like to know what was going on in Exotic's voice comms in the moment 25 hardcore Arroz appear behind them as they're all laughing, prematurely posing for pics, clumped like varrock sewers' rats.

you did well but we did better


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mfw they thought they were actually killin us ( 10 of our bait) and then we just logged in with 20PLUS,


Anywhere anytime,

P2P or F2P, i know u r F2P BASED but in P2P we see the real quality.

Forget about F2P Diogo, pretty much dead, pm Salomao for a way out of it.

i would name all of ur members who r always Pm me (OLD TCL/SOG) sayin things about ya yet i didnt.

just Bend the fuck knee. u already lost , just did not realize it.


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