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Loaded Mule

maxed 65atk pure LFC

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Hi all,

Looking for clan to have fun and do trips. I am quite new to the clanning scene and not the best pker, however i have 40m return tab ready.

I am also working, so availability varies, always available on Sunday though.

My main requirement from the clan is mature behaviour and not posting NSFW content in general channels. I've recently been in 2 clans and left them as they posted NSFW (i have family who can see my screen time to time). 

My private is on and you can pm in game: Loaded Mule

Or Discord: UncleYusuf#0053

Thanks for your time,


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You definitely shouldn't join Zenith, clan is full of ddosesrs, doxxers, rapists, wifebeaters (u know who im talking about), scammers. Feel free to join every other clan though.


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