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Rage Vs Fatality 35v35 F2P Prep [2-1] FT. Audio

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 Rage gathered 39 Bears for our scheduled F2P Prep versus Fatality.

 It had been a while since we prepped Fatality in F2P so we were keen to come in and show everyone why we're #1 F2P and we did just that in the first two rounds, round 3 we let our foot off the gas and had Tetova call but a victory for the Bears nonetheless.

 Thanks to all Bears that showed up (I know it was late for a bunch of you guys) and thanks to Fi for the fight, no doubt we'll have another one soon!




Rage Starting/Ending: 35/15


Rage Starting/Ending: 36/15


Tetova Called






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24 minutes ago, jay. said:

holy shit fatality fucking sucks and this retard is begging the kings for a prep lmfao @Ease

u got kyped in a 50v50 after rage established their core and havent prepped them since

you avoid not just fatality, but rage as well due to the sheer fact you are in a rivalry with them as a loss against them would demoralise your clan

thank you for the prep rage, it was unfortunate to not make our last 3 ko meetings be 3 wins in a row, but in a server like this, going undefeated is near impossible

wish you the best of luck tomorrow and hope to rematch you fellas again soon

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