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Winners of the 25 DEF Miniwar Tournament and Highlights

Grey Wolf

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Approximately 2 months ago we have started  a 25 defence miniwar tournament (Rash and I). We are very happy that most of the clans and teams have signed up for this tournament, 14 teams to be precise. Some more invested than others, but looking back we think that it was good action for  the teams that participated and we will be organising more events in the future. Make sure to keep an eye on the announcement section in discord and forums.

Those were the teams that participated and their respective wins/losses:


The top 6 teams were:

Team K.O
Team Tikeri
Golf Wang
Team Synergy

Those teams were seeded against each other and Team K.O and Pups battled in the final against each other.

The winners of this tournament are Team K.O!!!
They have managed to go undefeated from start till end and thus emerged as the victors. Very impressive!

Here is your signature!


And your prize:


Some of the povs in the spoiler:



If you wanna watch more povs, join the discord: https://discord.gg/a8skbNQb


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