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[Declaration] Zenith declares on Fatality ~ F2P Prep ~ 40v40 Minimum

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What is your clan's name?:


What is your clan rank, and provide proof of it:



The name of the clan you are declaring against:


Fight type:


Insert any motivational message(if any):

Message me to set it up, we can do it at the end of this month.

By posting this topic, I understand and read the rules of the declaration system

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5 minutes ago, Zenith Cartographer said:

LMAO you're the one crying about RoT members "getting pures" after 7 minutes of a topic being up

#RentFree 🤡

I wasnt crying l0l, i just asked a nice question. ;) Too bad your low iq brain is having a trouble answering simple questions. Guess the mountain isnt the only thing melting here.. jajajajajajajajajaja

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1 hour ago, winnie the poo said:

l000l u need till the end of the month to get the eop rejects that mass joined rot to be ready? l000l who needs 21 days to be ready for a pre l0l

looks like eop still hurts you after all these years

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