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🗡️🛡️mini Samurai VS Imperio Latino (First Fight/Small Ops)

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Determined to jump into action, for our first fight we decided to challenge Imperio Latino. They selected a weird time for us so many couldn't make it, but we decided to fight them anyway.



Round 1 Starting:

10 (vs 12)

Despite agreeing on matched terms, we allowed them to come in with 12 to our 10. We easily took the W, despite having members brand new to F2P PvP. 

Round 1 Ending: 



Round 2 Starting: 9

No comment on this round, Imperio Latino rushed us with 17 despite agreeing to matched terms. They brought along some Dynasty members with them. We left portal.



Round 3 Starting:

9 (vs 12)

Due to the last round, we were eager to shut them up because of their 1-1 spam. Again, we allowed them to come in with 12. We transitioned through them like butter. 

Round 3 Ending:




Thanks for the fight Imperio Latino. 







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