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Zero - Social/PvM/PvP/Skill/and more!

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We are currently ACCEPTING new Members.
Discord: https://discord.gg/cSZ44pRNXQ
Homeworld 313
Main timezone: GMT -5 (Eastern standard time)

Requirements to join:
- 100+ Combat
- 1500 total level.
-Exceptions for pures and skillers are made based on total levels.


Welcome to the first Community clan with a high stress on Family, Friendship, and Integrity.

Zero Is a Eastern US based community clan on the oldschool version of Runescape. We are a community clan and only allow multi clanning for pvp teams / clanning. By joining Zero you must be apart of our clan chat but may join other clans friends chat. Most events are held around 4pm EST but you can find many late raids, bossing, and skilling events everyday. Typically we have at least one event a day, with a minimum of 3 per week.

Zero was first founded on June 16th 2021 and one day later we opened our doors to the community. Zero is a family based clan with good MORALS and INTEGRITY. We have a ZERO tolerance for scammers and rule breaking. Because of our close knit community we also do other things such as Sport streaming, movie nights, UNO, and other offsite favorites. We understand as a community that life is busy and this is ultimately a game, for that reason events are not mandatory but we do require activity from all members even if it is only a forum post or a hello on discord.

Strive to be Great
Zero aims to be one of the best community clans in the game. Although we are New in birth we are extremely experienced in gameplay. We have members from all over the world that speak many different languages. Zero does not discriminate against any protected class such as race, religion , or gender. We wish to give you a place to meet friends, make healthy connections, and just a place to have fun.


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